Digital Marketing Workflow System in Notion

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Streamline your Marketing Campaign Workflow

  • Do your Campaigns cover the Complete Customer Lifecycle? Or are you only focussing in getting new customers in and forget your current customer base?
  • Do you have an overview of the Status of all your Campaigns? Or are you lostin in Excel Sheets and your Inbox?
  • Is your team Working efficient as one Team with your freelancers and agencies?

Get organised with this Workspace, build in 

This is for you if

  • You understand the basics of Notion.
  • You work in a Marketing Department or a Media or Creative agency.
  • You design the Strategy or need to Deliver it
  • You need to Manage and Deliver multiple campaigns
  • You want to work more efficient

This includes

  • Strategic Roadmap template
  • Campaign Calendar overview template
  • Scrumboard for all your Digital Assets
  • Briefings Templates for Social, Youtube, Website, Adwords, Influencers etc.
  • +50 FREE DIGITAL TACTICS & IDEAS to get inspired 

  • Don't just focus Acquisition; make sure you have a Balanced Strategy to maximise the return on your Marketing Activities and Resources.

Campaigns across the entire Customer Lifecycle

All Marketing Activities are color coded

  • REACH - Create Awareness and drive Consideration
  • NURTURE - Stay in Touch with known Leads
  • SELL - Convert people into first time Customers
  • ONBOARD - Distribute and Educate on your Brand and Product/Service
  • ENGAGE - Stay in touch with relevant Content and Propositions
  • KEEP - Reactivate or Winback lapsed Customers
  • GROW - Sell more to Existing Customers

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A Collaboration & Workflow System to manage all your Digital Campaigns & Assets

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Digital Marketing Workflow System in Notion

0 ratings
I want this!